What’s your favorite bit about studying at Caltech?

As a fellow female in STEM who might attend Caltech this fall, I’d love to know more about the institute.

Hi nerdconfused,

Binary Baroness: I stand by what I wrote on my application essays. There’s amazing research going on here – I love to just hear about everybody’s plans for summer research, because it’s just so diverse and exciting. From microscopic DNA origami to the detection of gravitational waves from black hole mergers, world-changing feats are being conducted by the people you pass by on the Olive Walk everyday.

Quantum Queen: What I love about being a Caltech student is that people really trust your ability to solve real problems. In the lab that I currently work in, my advisor and their group provides me a lot of support but ultimately trusts me to drive progress on my project. On the robotics team, after extensive training from older members, the newest members are given actually important problems to solve (write their own code, design their own mechanical part or printed circuit board). In class, our sets are challenging and answers are thought-provoking. I can say without a doubt that I have never been pushed to think this hard, and every day is a rewarding challenge.

We’re glad (biased as we may be) that you’re considering Caltech! Hope to see you this fall.


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